Combining Stick & Footwork 04 Hitting The Knee

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4 thoughts on “Combining Stick & Footwork 04 Hitting The Knee”

  1. This was my first DVD. I remember how psychologically intimidating it was to follow Eric’s act in RCSFg! The raw footage here sat on my shelf the better part of two years before I got the courage to release it.

    Having Eric and Arlan to assist in this segment was a big mental boost for me.

  2. Eric seems like such a nice guy but then he confidently glides out there with the big stick and suddenly the brain juice starts pumpin Lol.

    Great stuff! Knee shoots freak me out because I know relatives with bad knees. Need to train these defenses a lot.

  3. Note that both Eric’s shot and mine are horizontals to the outside of the leg.

    Arlan’s shot to the inside hits that tear drop muscle (vastus medius originalis a.k.a. the VMO)

    In our experience, these do not really threaten the knee.

    Rain Dog’s shot that split Dog Troy’s knee cap was a HORIZONTAL to the inside– thus it hit the knee cap.

    Dog Troy’s stance there was an invitation to get hit in the knee; he was unable to move the leg.

    For ALL these attacks, the Ilustrisimo Cross Step is a very good solution.

    It also works well against Muay Thai kicks to the thigh or calf.

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