Coordination & Deceptive Movement

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11 thoughts on “Coordination & Deceptive Movement”

  1. I wish I had thought to play the material at 06:20 et seq to the camera, but hopefully y’all will be able to hear and see what I am demonstrating as an example of the snake range skill set that the Abecedarios look to establish.

  2. This was excellent! I remember being shown a bit of this material in 2016 for a seminar in Bloomington, IL, however, my mind did not comprehend it at the time. But with Carlos Flores presenting this at our recent training session and now viewing the footage, it all is starting to make sense. Took some time but here we are. Woof!

  3. Very gratifying for me to hear that– thank you.

    Sounds like you are experiencing the synergy of the interface of hands on with me, the VLs, and working with , , , ahem , , , newly promoted to Orange Tag Instructor Maul Dog Carlos Flores– who has been working directly with me online.

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