DBMA Vid Lesson – Abecedario – Lameco 5 Variations

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3 thoughts on “DBMA Vid Lesson – Abecedario – Lameco 5 Variations”

    • I see the half-beat hand shot there put into play. I really like the lameco here vs. the heaven 6. Very good drill. I also always thought that the heaven 6 standard, #2 & #5, were knee/leg shots, or could it still be half-beat leg shots? You guys have the experience in this.

  1. Woof Clyde:

    That certainly could be.

    Without contradicting that in the slightest, I would note the logic of teaching Standard 6 before H6:

    Standard establishes the same relative positioning of the hands as H6 but H6 requires more nuanced body mechanics– the shoulder must come forward to free the high line trajectory for the second and fifth shots to come out cleanly.

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