DBMA Vid Lesson – Abecedario – Redondo Variations

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8 thoughts on “DBMA Vid Lesson – Abecedario – Redondo Variations”

  1. These mis-match drills blow my mind…i,e., not mirroring the opponent. I have worked the “J” pattern a little with Francisco, but the redondo 6 and Cavaroan (sp?) patterns are a nice variation.

  2. Redondo and Heaven Six was the first combination in double stick fighting I learned from Rob and Karen Gallegly in Southern Illinois. Years later learning the different variations from this material has been very intriguing.

    Carlos Flores showed the Redondo and Heaven Six (from the back hand angle) and as mentioned in the video, my brain was all over.. that said, I think I sort of have a understanding from this weekends training session.

  3. This may help you with the WHY of this material messing with your mind.

    a) All that meshing up Redondo 6 and Heaven 6 does it to force to you to meet L with R and vice versa instead of R meeting R, etc. Among other things this denies you the visual feedback of simply mirroring your training partner’s movement.

    b) Subsequent variations with include breaking out of simply alternating hands/sticks.

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