DBMA Vid Lesson – Abecedario Thoughts

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4 thoughts on “DBMA Vid Lesson – Abecedario Thoughts”

  1. So glad I found this video. This is exactly what we were talking about on Wednesday so now I have the perfect video to refer back to when trying to practice. This is awesome.

  2. My appreciation for the importance of abecedario work continues to grow.

    In one aspect of Boydian thinking (John Boyd of OODA loop fame) there are three variables:

    a) speed and change of speed;
    b) direction and change of direction; and
    c) height and change of height.

    (Working from memory here– less than 100% sure I have the terminology dialed in)

    Something distinctive that DBMA’s abecedarios do is develop a way of striking without retractions and a way of changing direction without reversals. This can be the foundation of getting inside the opponent/adversary’s loop, leading him to collapse into himself.

  3. It also occurs to me to note that our abecedarios can be done empty hand as well.

    KT asserts to come from weaponry movements. Having hit people with weapons is a real good way to adrenalize the movements! But what if someone has not done and will not do Real Contact Stick Fighting? Is KT not for him/her?

    Current DBMA doctrine is that the movements can be taught/learned via well guided EH abecedario work.

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