DBMA Vid Lesson – July 2014 – 01 – Brondo – Frondo – Uppercut – Figure 8

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6 thoughts on “DBMA Vid Lesson – July 2014 – 01 – Brondo – Frondo – Uppercut – Figure 8”

  1. Developing the ability to change directions without retractions can feel very elusive at first, but when we get it we will wonder why we made it so hard.

    The ability can seriously mess with opponents’ and adversaries’ abilities to read you.

  2. This is excellent. It’s amazing what it does for confidence simply moving with a stick.

    I noticed the Toronto clubs Kali instructor I had a match with was MUCH more fluid than I was in his movement. I’m happy with my ability to control distance but it was the only thing that somewhat neutralized him. His fluidity was definitely disorienting.

  3. Hi name is Justin Patricio. Nice guy and moved very well in my mind. He’s had some contact with DBMA members up here. I think it was what led me to their matches last weekend. I was trying to remember the bread crumb trail.

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