DBMA Vid Lesson – Kali Tudo – Hubad Variations

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4 thoughts on “DBMA Vid Lesson – Kali Tudo – Hubad Variations”

  1. I know in the current environment a lot of people sneer at Hubud, but in my opinion everything changes when we bring in our 1×1 principle (i.e. a step for every movement), learning to combine the strikes with triangular footwork. This allows for a good dynamic interaction within the context of the metronome principle.

    Coming soon VLs will show how to integrate the Jun Fan Gung Fu lop sao cycle– which really expands the potential for the training.

    These skills are shown in “Kali Tudo 2” DVD “The Running Dog Game”.

  2. Yes.

    Also, I liked your comments last night at https://dogbrothers.com/dbmaa/yabbse/index.php?topic=100.60 REPLY #62:

    I was thinking about Hubud yesterday in preparation for a Special Needs martial arts class. I went over to the Kali Tudo in the Vid lessons and rewatched Crafty’s Hubud matrial.


    I got to the back hand hammer part and the juices started flowing. I didn’t have an outlet to get to that movement in the class and the idea had a bit more time to cook. I was back with it this morning and going through a note book from a Guro Crafty Kali tudo seminar and saw a side bar note reminding myself to explore Dracula as a safer way to enter into puter kapala.

    And in reading that this morning it aroused a moment of Satori, the idea of the back hand in hubud as a silat generator for the beginning of the puter kapala.

    A hubud puter entrance.

    I will be giving this a try!

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