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  1. Marc Denny

    Most of the material here is about Sector 3 for the Bolo, with Sector 1 being outside the lead arm, Sector 2 being between the arms, and Sector 3 being beyond the rear arm.

  2. Marc Denny

    A few things to think about here:

    a) When I showed my Bolo Sector 3 to Guro Inosanto he said “Very good Marc, you have figured out a way to get to the other side.”

    b) a limitation presented by a boxing dominated striking style is that is was developed outside kicking and take downs.

    With regard to takedowns, in Kali Tudo with our integration of bolo, including as part of Time Machine Game (and other things!) we present a variable new to those who would seek to drop under and in against boxing based striking. This enables us to deter the will to go for it and can counter many attempts– and by so doing free us up to bring the upper sector striking firepower where KT excels.

    If we can generate the necessary forward pressure, Sector 3 can be surprisingly easy to achieve. After all the opponent does not defend where he is not!– and once we are where he did not expect us, we have initiative and advantage on highly effective angular lines

  3. Marc Denny

    re the Kali Half Nelson (with 10:08 left to go).

    First I demonstrate show the lateral line drive with the feet. To convert this into the hard landing (on the tip of the shoulder) as intended, it is necessary to block the far side of his body somehow (at foot, ankle, knee, hip, waist, etc) Though hard to see here, my left hand is blocking at the far side of his waist.

  4. Blake Qualls

    Very interesting material PG! Thanks for sharing!

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