Dos Triques A 05 Formula

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4 thoughts on “Dos Triques A 05 Formula”

  1. Can see now why this is talked about a lot. Very thought provoking. Made me feel shamed (in the good way) for not doing 2 sticks more, will be having a 2 stick week now.

  2. As you enter into doing so, some thoughts:

    In symmetry based double stick training methods the complementary hand merely slip streams/borrows from the dominant hand.

    This is fine, but incomplete.

    Remember that we have a dominant side and a complementary side, just as we have a dominant function and a complementary function.

    Typically, in DBMA we train single motions with the complementary side in the dominant function first.

    This too is part of the foundation for double stick– each side can function well in either function.

    Also, the DBMA Abecedario material may serve you well here.

  3. An uphill fight with most people period!

    In my efforts to inspire the understanding that brings the intent, I sometimes focus on the implications of “opposite hand & foot” versus “same hand & foot” and by so doing change their mental frame.

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