Fighter Type – Earth

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4 thoughts on “Fighter Type – Earth”

  1. The structure Guro Lonely shows here is quite similar to “Salty Game”, the primary difference to my eye being that in Salty Game (based upon my interpretation of some things that Salty Dog does) the stick is level and the roof block arises out of a pivot around the tip, whereas the Benji has the stick in a tip up posture and pivots around the middle of the stick.

    I remember him asking commenting to me some years back that some of his people were having the stick knocked out of the grip as the rose to the roof block. I never had that problem but he and his people prefer as he does.

    I remember asking GM Gyi’s assessment of my double stick game many years ago.

    “Very good open field game; requires fitness” was the beginning of his response. The point about fitness had never occurred to me. With that in mind I would point out that the Salty Game and Benji’s distinctive variant of it are far less demanding aerobically. Thus, in addition to its merits on its own right, if you are gassed during a fight you will be glad to have this one in your repertoire.

    • I’ve been out of order with this videos, (blame the ADD!)

      These were excellent and really interesting. It’s interesting thinking about our personality and how we stand, move and fight.

      I like the idea of adopting this stance occasionally even though its probably not my default…..because man, I got gassed three weeks ago!

      I’ll be improving on the lungs before the next sessions.

  2. it’s funny. I naturally gravitated to this structure form the very begining,even before i knew about dog bro. and even when my teacher told me it wasn’t correct…lol. thank goodness i found you guys to get the truth.

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