Finding The Missing Pieces

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11 thoughts on “Finding The Missing Pieces”

  1. Yo, my blood pressure dropped watching this. Finally. Although I will still have to experiential “figure it out” with my own body awareness, this is so relieving to make sense. I love standing throwing (jj bkgd) but struggled to get to any entry against a striker without eating hits to the face. Finally looking forward to addressing. Thank you!

  2. Isaac:

    Good to see you here commenting!

    In my current sparring I am working on using the Dracula Blitz to enter without getting hit in the face.

    I don’t know how familiar you are with our terminology, but when I am working a Trigg 101 and he cuts me off is the moment to pull the trigger on a Dracula Blitz down his centerline.

    Search “Dracula Blitz” on the forum, surf through the Kali Tudo thread, etc.

    ASK QUESTIONS. It is what I am there for!

    • Watched trig one and two and Dracula. Especially like the Dracula which reminds me of Muay Thai diamond guard. With the trig entries matched leads is where in the one hand from Japanese throwing I am “comfortable” bc it is kumi kata, but also most likely to get me punched in the face or kneed in the jewels. However, this makes me wanna enter in trig on mismatched lead with Dracula blitz… and thus, I have some throws to experiment with thanks to your suggestion!

  3. “mismatched lead with Dracula blitz”

    To be precise with our terminology, Dracula Blitz is an opposite foot & hand modality done “going nitrous”.

    This is an example of where our term “the Trident” becomes useful.

    The outer prongs of the Trident are the R and L forward diagonals. The middle prong is the Centerline.

    Thus when we drive diagonal outside the lead foot (e.g. Trigg 101, Kali footwork) and he cuts us off with a step of his front foot he gives us a centerline opening. His step is our signal to GO with a nitrous burst of Dracula Blitz up the Center Prong of the Trident.

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