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8 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. This was awesome. Love the feeling of sitting down listening to a a veteran warrior lay down the reality. Also did not know you went through a similar high-school experience as I did. What a stupid pain in the ass right?

    Anway great video, loved it. Gonna study this series as my next week adventure.

    • Marc, as a weapons guy I thought I would share a new toy I really like. Earlier this year on a trip to Honolulu, I had the pleasure of taking a private with one of you Dog Brothers cohorts. I was introduced to a Patu, the beaver tailed Maori war club. Those guys had it figured out. This weapon when used on the flat is somewhat humane. On the edge, frightening. Picked up a polycarb version and have been practicing with it on the tire dummy in the back yard, and am really impressed with its “ in close” potential. Plus the crazy thing fits in my right pant pocket for those late night dog walks.

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