Los Triques 13 Single Triques Loop 1

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5 thoughts on “Los Triques 13 Single Triques Loop 1”

  1. In my training session with Carlos yesterday, I found myself feeling out the possibilities with moving forward and laterally in the footwork. Also feeling out how the footwork could take us to our opponents back or side for attack or take down. Playing long, mid and short range

  2. Very good!

    Something to keep in mind is that in DBMA we identify and distinguish

    a) Same hand & foot e.g. a boxing jab. If we are in a left lead, the left foot moves with the left jab.

    b) Opposite hand & foot e.g. the Zirconia wherein the left jab is accompanied by a forward diagonal step with the right foot. Given the amount of flight time many/most people have with same hand & foot, many/most find the Zirconia to feels weird. My slightly smartass response is to point out that opposite hand & foot is how we walk and how we run. With this, many people step through the portal to “getting” the Zirconia.

    c) Krabi Krabong often/usually operates it what can fairly be called same hand & foot, but quite often it does this via skipping.

    In your development of DBMA skills you will want to develop all three of these in both leads and


    With this you not only become much harder to read, but you tend to knock your opponent/adversary back to the beginning of his OODA loop. Combined with your snake movements the potential for mental fukkery is quite high heh heh!

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