Merge Theory

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6 thoughts on “Merge Theory”

  1. With the drill demonstrated at about 22:00 would it be correct to say the pattern is Roof – Malayu – Frondo – FH Diagonal – Brondo – Brondo for teaching purposes?

  2. I’m having a helluva time putting the names to it haha!

    I find myself thinking in terms of meets, merges (sliders and skidders) and follows and doing what I need to do to make them happen.

  3. 😳 Awesome and Comprehensive vid lesson.

    Answers a lot of questions and provides new nuggets of information.

    Flight time to be invested in these new partner drills.

  4. Man I love this stuff. When I saw Guro Lonely put the stick on his leg at 4:40ish and slap away/counter it gave me a shiver. Have seen that in some old HEMA manuals (sword vs sword and dagger vs a spear) but this proves it to me. Great vid!

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