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  1. Ben Cerasi

    Looks a little bit like bong sao.

  2. Marc Denny

    This is the Dog Catcher. The top hand is the dominant hand,which we call the “Pekiti Hand” because we use it as it is used in Pekiti Tirsia Kali’s knife tapping drill. The hand you think looks a bong sao is secondary. When you study the DC in the context of knife this should become clear.

    PS: The man I am working with here is Pedro Munhoz who is now fighting well in the 135 lb. division of the UFC.

  3. Ben Cerasi

    I did that knife drill in ptk go yes its angle #3 intercept the knife and pass the arm.

  4. michael mclean

    Very cool material that truly crosses over between empty hand vs empty or knife defense! Thank you Crafty.

  5. Marc Denny

    Glad to see this material getting noticed.

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