Munhoz Kali Tudo 03 – Dracula Fang Back Take

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2 thoughts on “Munhoz Kali Tudo 03 – Dracula Fang Back Take”

  1. Savate has a lot of street merit in my opinion.

    A) In that in most street fights we are wearing shoes, it makes sense to have kicks in our arsenal that take advantage of shoes;

    B) Unlike Muay Thai, Savate does not require a commitment of body weight. Kicks such as the foite are non-telegraphic, whip-like speedy, and concentrated in a very small area — the toe of the shoe. A foite to the bladder is often available, can be very hard to grab, and quite devastating.

    C) Blending with Silat is structurally consistent; both point the hip a lot.

    D) the bulk of my Savate comes from Paul Vunak, who trained with Daniel Duby.

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