PG Crafty Abecedario Breakdowns

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11 thoughts on “PG Crafty Abecedario Breakdowns”

  1. Very nicely done. The screen split into 3 sections to note what each hand is
    doing, 👍. The first few times you taught this material, I felt like you flew threw it and I was lost. Eventually I put in the flight time to own this material. This vid lesson does a great job of breaking it down further with
    added explanations and slow motion for further clarity. Still need to put in flight time to own this material and it is well worth the effort to develops a smooth and Crafty Snake Game 🐍.

    I also like to transition from a Bolo (upward rotation) on one side of the to a backhanded Bolo on the other side of the body by using an umbrella block. If maintain this backhanded Bolo and simply rotate our body to bring the stick back to the original side, we see that essentially, we used the umbrella block to transition from a Bolo to a Frondo.

    (A roof block would be used if we are working a backhanded Bolo and want to transition to a Bronco)

    (Note: the key is to use a blocking motion as a upward strike would not
    change the direction of rotation)

    My next venture is to perform the Abecedarios with double nunchucks.

    Respectfull Woof

  2. Then my work here, and yours, is begun 🙂

    The nature of this material for almost everyone is to mess with them badly. Please patient with yourself. Relaxed explorative play is the way to go here.

    Key learning method: Stop on good performance, do NOT continue until you mess up or get frustrated. This is important. In applies to every set, as well as the entire portion of a workout dedicated to this work.

  3. Hahahaha this is GOLD :D! I’m glad the other comments summarize my feelings. Horizontal cuts to change the rotation of the sticks, answered a lot of questions.

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