Rules of Engagement

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  1. Woof:

    Some timestamps:

    00:09-00:43 1. Have your will written.
    00:45-00:51 2. So far as is possible, be on good terms with all men. Good manners is good policy. You never know who you are messing with.
    00:53-02:00 3. What you think of me is none of my business.
    02:01-02:09 4. Avoid the Three Ss: Stupid people, in Stupid places, doing Stupid things;
    02:10-02:26 5. Ask yourself:

    * is this worth getting arrested?
    * is this worth going broke paying a lawyer?
    * is this worth going to jail?

    02:27-03:35 Four Cues of Criminal Assault (aka The SouthNark 4):

    1. Grooming gestures
    2. Eye shifting
    3. Hands disappearing
    4. Weight shifts

    03:36-04:03 Six Possible Responses to a Threat:

    1) Fight
    2) Flight
    3) Freeze
    4) Placate
    5) Posture
    6) Submit


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