Solo Abecedarios – March 20, 2020

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5 thoughts on “Solo Abecedarios – March 20, 2020”

  1. Totally enjoying these! Its like I am sitting around “shooting the poop” with you guys. If I could only figure out what he is doing with his hands…haha. Good twist on presentation! Thank you both!

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you Richard!

    I confess where these posts are listed in not where I usually am looking and so sometimes I fail to notice. My bad!

    Anyway, it sounds like we are succeeding in our intentions– thank you for letting us know!

  3. Can see why they call you Crafty Dog lol. Constantly throwing little sticks here and there into the ooda loop before you throw the big stick into the head. I’m reminded of a quote “You’re not immune to the effects of propaganda” but more like “You’re not immune to the effects of sudden directional change.”

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