Stick Clinch – 03 – The Far Rico

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2 thoughts on “Stick Clinch – 03 – The Far Rico”

  1. So many interesting and important details are shown here: first of all the importance of using the head like a control/steering (like the way seen in DLO1).
    Another key point is the use of the whole body supporting the biomechanics of the throws; the head drives, begins the action then there’s a change of level and all the body goes lower to end the throw (same principle that I learned when I competed in Judo).
    And obviously a DB’s “trademark” is the concept of zoning out from my enemy when I’m preparing the throw or maybe when I’m hitting; only intelligents way of fighting use this foundation.

  2. The principle of using the head as a control was first brought to my attention by 2X world wrestling champ Rico Chiaparelli during my time at the RAW Gym:

    “Define centerline with your head” he told me. Simple principles like this are gold. With this one I have been able to substantially neutralize a lot of superior talent and athleticism.

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