The Dog Catcher

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8 thoughts on “The Dog Catcher”

  1. Guro Marc I wanted to ask what happens when the aggressor also grabs our clothes, that happens very often in a street fight, the grabbing of the clothes while they apply a sewing machine and this also applies to kali tudo thank you

  2. Very good question!

    In my thinking, I organize PSM attack into the following three variables:

    1) Simple– knife first, probable due to primal tunnel vision. A sheriff at the LA County jail told me that his experience was that this is the most common.

    2) Push & Poke;

    3) Grab & Stab:

    Thus your question can be said to be asking about the third category.

    In DBMA anti-PSM material we begin with the first of these categories with the idea that it is best to have skills for dealing with the knife on its own before adding in the variable of the live hand.

    For both #2 and #3 our idea is to prevent the live hand from disrupting or grabbing us. This not yet video of this. I may be recording this material at this summer’s camp.

    Should the attacker succeed in grabbing us, there is additional material (e.g. eye attacks, throat shots, rip his face with our teeth, diving somersaults)– but obviously the balance of DLO probabilities is less favorable than otherwise.

    As far as KT goes: KT is a DLO modality, adrenalized and tested in the context of MMA. In that the there is no clothing to grab to speak of, it would seem that your intended meaning is an EH street fight, not KT.

    Do I infer correctly?

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