The Dracula Variations

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6 thoughts on “The Dracula Variations”

  1. I believe this to be the missing link for applying Silat in the fights starting at a distance paradigm.

    A substantial percentage of the silat outside of Inosanto Maphilindo/Bukti Negara that I have seen begins with us standing still responding to a step through straight right punch.

    For fights that start at close distance with a big right (and this IS a common archetype) this training can suffice, but creating the angles and pressure necessary in a fight which is already moving can be a good trick.

    For this knowing having good understanding of snake range footwork setting up angles for triggering the nitrous burst is essential.

    Stay tuned for VLs on the “Dracula Blitz”. Not being coy here, just waiting for my shoulder to heal up a bit more before shooting it.

  2. Yes.

    A story I tell from time to time:

    Pendekar Paul De Thouars of Bukti Negara and Serak Silat was teaching Guro Inosanto in the late 80s and had a class at the Inosanto Academy.

    One day in class he said “I need a volunteer!”

    He volunteered me.

    I came up in front of the class and he stood nose to nose with me and said “Do something.”

    This was a moment of satori for me. I realized I had nothing that did not require stepping back first and I then realized the value of a lot of silat that I had internally pooh poohed.

  3. At 8.57 ,very nice, effective trap. Trapping is a bit underrated. However,don’t look for them,just let them happen. Kind of like disarms. Very situational awarness on crafty’s part.

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