The Kalimba

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10 thoughts on “The Kalimba”

  1. I liked training in this space on warm, sunny days like this.

    What a wonderful training partner Benji is– he knows just how to help me communicate the ideas in question!

  2. very,very good material. I personally don’t have enough “flight time” in on staff work. I need to get to work. Alas.. good training partners are so hard to come by.

  3. Is the difference between Kalimba Game and Brondo Buzzsaw a matter of range; Kalimba Game closer range, making “skinning” contact with the stick/fingers and Brondo Buzzsaw slightly out of range, keeping them on their heels until you attack?

  4. Very good question Jake!

    Kalimba Game and Brondo Buzz Saw can be thought of as “Brother-Sister” techniques.

    In KG with a nitrous burst we are spiraling in on the outside in search of “The Corner of the Diamond”. If we get it– great!

    However what often happens is that he zones away from the pressure. The net effect is that we are like trying to pass a car on the outside of a curve. Not only is it riskier, in energy terms it is also highly inefficient. By definition we can only go but so long in nitrous modality.

    When this happens, the movements of KG readily convert to BB and the footwork becomes a linear drive directly at the opponent.

    Does this help?

    • Yes, thank you.

      Maybe the KG could be useful in a “when you have advantage take advantage” situation, like if I think I have more speed and energy reserves than my opponent and they are already back peddling. Tricky part for me might be not fizzling out before finishing one or the other.

      Working this material against a cage/fence/wall/etc could be a fun experiment.

  5. Jake:

    I’m headed for bed so I am too lazy to find the actual time code here for it, but somewhere in here I discuss setting up and executing the portal into KG– roughly make him meet the force caveman to caveman while drifting under his with your while executing a zirconia step.

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