The Three Lutangs

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7 thoughts on “The Three Lutangs”

      • Well given how many syllables each of those is, it is good thing that we use “Lutang” now, haha — and a good thing that an instructor know the lineage from Tatang Ilustrisimo to PG Edgar Sulite to me.

  1. High level material: creating angular ways to attack or counter-attack it’s the best choice in any circumstance.
    Tryin’ to experiment this material I’ve noticed that it’s linked with others important kind of footwork (i.e. spiral footwork) and using naturally our bodymechanic we can switch directly and easy to the false lead: in my training I’ve found natural in Lutang 2 by remaining on the gum.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. I taught this progression to one of my students yesterday. It offered great training in kickboxing movement strategies and a good single stick review/progressions from lameco 3 (lutang 1) to salty structure (lutang 2).

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