The Zirconia

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2 thoughts on “The Zirconia”

  1. Dog Howard asks:

    As I try this again, the Dracula and Zirconia, the reoccurring issues were,
    – Confidence. False lead, feels like back is exposed.
    – Dracula triggers a cross. Guininting the inside of the jab, my partner’s cross is triggered at times.
    – Concern about the upper cut. as taking the second step.
    To be honest I am still working through this material, timing, and my intent.

    The false lead can be both a continuing structure or a thought in search of the corner of the Diamond/Point of the Tooth.

    Concerning your fear of exposing the back: If I infer correctly, you are right in recognizing the potential here.

    Let’s use the Dracula coming to the point of the Diamond to assess the issue.


    Let’s assume him to be a righty in generic left lead and we are in a left false lead (left shoulder and right foot forward. With some important provisos, typically we are looking to achieve our front foot outside his. When it is, we have achieved the Corner of the Diamond. Our outside leg (right leg) is coiled to cut the angle to drive in to the Point of the Diamond.

    We organize this moment in three sectors.

    1) I seek to smash his face with the point of my elbow;
    2) my elbow goes between his head and his rear hand;
    3) my elbow goes OUTSIDE his rear hand, pinning/wedging it against his head or chest.

    The great danger with Sector 1 is that the natural motion of parrying the cross can easily serve the opponent well here. It puts him past your elbow and though there are things that we can do here he can have a relatively easy path to our back. If S-1 works ( i.e. we smash him in the face) it can be awesome — though if he survives his desperation clinch might achieve our side or back.

    Bottom line for S-1 is Plan A is good, Plan B can be really bad.

    Current doctrine is this: Our Dracula elbow aims OUTSIDE his rear hand if his rear hand is close enough to his head to allow this. If it is too wide from his head for that, then we may find ourselves in S-2, which is less risky than S-1 which does increase the efficacy of our counters if/when he tries to get past our elbow.

    Though visually less obvious with the Zirconia, the same issues present.

    Does this help?

  2. Yes, makes sense. Lessons upon incorporation (and my wife’s misery),
    – front right foot outside his left foot is a detail I was missing.
    – I was only rotating my right foot once at corner of the Diamond without setting into a coil/launch/push. THIS feels much more powerful.
    – following up into opponent the Dracula back forearm into the side of neck/ elbow to face or chest/ forearm down if opp tries to shoot, all feel aggressive and maintaining the initiative.
    WOOF PG Crafty

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