001 – Single Knife vs. Single Knife

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1 thought on “001 – Single Knife vs. Single Knife”

  1. So mostly I felt good about how I did – I was actually trying to swim in with the knife the same way YFN Cholo Dog was doing, and every once in a while I’d actually make it in. He was just so quick moving in and out, it was difficult to do anything but react.

    00:42 – I actually properly move my leg back against a low-line feint. I need to do this more against sticks too.

    00:48 – I discover that he’s got two weapons – a knife, and a left hook. I get rocked back pretty far, and start paying much closer attention to his live hand 🙂

    01:04 – I actually catch an incoming left hook with a block instead of my face 🙂

    01:13 – I try a little hop to close distance, but YFN Cholo Dog manages to stuff my attack.

    01:26 – We both killed each other a lot in the clinch, but as he takes me down with a hip toss, my life hand catches my fall, and his weapon hand catches his fall. He gets top position in my half-guard, but I’ve got his weapon pinned behind me, and my blade is sawing the back of his neck.

    So, lessons learned:
    1) the live hand can hit you too;
    2) definitely need to work on defending the takedown in the clinch – I can’t always count on keeping good weapon position on my way down.

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