001 – Single Knife vs. Single Knife

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2 thoughts on “001 – Single Knife vs. Single Knife”

  1. So mostly I felt good about how I did – I was actually trying to swim in with the knife the same way YFN Cholo Dog was doing, and every once in a while I’d actually make it in. He was just so quick moving in and out, it was difficult to do anything but react.

    00:42 – I actually properly move my leg back against a low-line feint. I need to do this more against sticks too.

    00:48 – I discover that he’s got two weapons – a knife, and a left hook. I get rocked back pretty far, and start paying much closer attention to his live hand 🙂

    01:04 – I actually catch an incoming left hook with a block instead of my face 🙂

    01:13 – I try a little hop to close distance, but YFN Cholo Dog manages to stuff my attack.

    01:26 – We both killed each other a lot in the clinch, but as he takes me down with a hip toss, my life hand catches my fall, and his weapon hand catches his fall. He gets top position in my half-guard, but I’ve got his weapon pinned behind me, and my blade is sawing the back of his neck.

    So, lessons learned:
    1) the live hand can hit you too;
    2) definitely need to work on defending the takedown in the clinch – I can’t always count on keeping good weapon position on my way down.

  2. Very good self-analysis!

    a) Moving the leg back against low line attacks/feints: In DBMA we call this the Ilustrisimo Cross Step, which I learned from PG Edgar Sulite who learned it from GM Tatang Ilustrisimo. IMHO it is invaluable in all fighting, including empty hand– where I l prefer to use it against a Muay Thai leg kick over a MT type leg shield.

    b) Note that he is using a kerambit with the blade coming out of the bottom of his hand. This makes for very natural ergonomics for boxing type punches. In contrast you are in ice pick grip with straight blade (which btw is what I use for street.)

    c) Clinch work with the knife is A LOT different from EH clinch! A LOT of attention must be paid to the actual realities of a knife. Someone might get a throw, AND get his femoral cut with a touch so light that he might not even notice until after the fight is over (see e.g. the bouncer “Tiny” who died this way in the Umali affair (This is discussed elsewhere on the Ass’n forum). As best as I can tell here, both of you died!

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