009 – Single Stick vs. Single Stick

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3 thoughts on “009 – Single Stick vs. Single Stick”

  1. Who is the warrior with the old school mask/no bib? I’ve seen him fighting all over, even in Lonelys beasting. His posture/style is very unique. Cool fight!

  2. That is Pappy Dog.

    Among other things, he is a DBMA Guro and leads the NoHo Clan of the Dog Brothers. The KIL stickfighting gear operation is his.

    Very smooth and relaxed fighting style. Note the effortless integration of various DBMA techiques/fight strategies e.g. the Lutang and the beginning of the fight and much more.

  3. In addition to fundamentals such as the Clock, the Umbrella, etc

    Lutang at 00:10

    Probing along the gum line 00:28

    Salty Game structure at 01:10

    Though the angle of the drive is off, there is a Lameco Sagas at 01:30

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