009 – Spear & Shield vs. Spear & Shield

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3 thoughts on “009 – Spear & Shield vs. Spear & Shield”

  1. This was a fun fight for me. My 50th official Dog Brother fight. Tried something new in the double ended spear. There are many possibilities with this weapon that I plan on exploring. Ken was a good sport.

  2. Woof Maul Dog:

    Interesting explorations there.

    a) Kabaroan may have some things you might want to explore, including deceptive transitions between the ends of the spear.

    b) Not sure the buckler serves your purpose. Personally I would prefer both hands on the spear.

    c) I like the idea of throwing the spear and closing. Better yet, have a knife to access when you arrive!

    d) If you like we can cover some of this in tomorrow’s online class at 13:00 east coast time. Please do let me know if you are interested so I can do some preparation.

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