DBMA 2016 Camp – Lonely Dog – 006 – Measuring Distance

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5 thoughts on “DBMA 2016 Camp – Lonely Dog – 006 – Measuring Distance”

  1. The fighting measure is the distance which a fighter keeps in relation to his opponent. It is such that he cannot be hit unless his opponent lunges fully at him.

    It is essential that each man learn his own fighting measure. This means in a fight he must allow for the relative agility and speed of himself and his opponent. That is, he should consistently stay out of distance in the sense that his opponent cannot reach him with a simple punch, but not so far that, with a short advance, he cannot regain the distance and be able to reach his opponent with his own powerful attack.

    Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

  2. Do note that when you do this, your weight is over your rear foot. What happens if your opponent’s attack is not just a SDA (Single Direct Attack) but instead an ABC (Attack by Combination) with aggressive footwork?

    Guro Lonely can handle this! But can you? Make sure that you consider this point and figure out how it is that he handles it and how you will handle it.

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