DBMA 2017 Camp – Crafty Dog – 011 – Ice Pick Grip Thumb Alignment

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2 thoughts on “DBMA 2017 Camp – Crafty Dog – 011 – Ice Pick Grip Thumb Alignment”

  1. I made a substantial deposit to the factory (Idaho, so American made) that had handled the large orders I sold to the Jordanian Army and Royal Body Guard about , , , two years ago? With serious supply chain issues everywhere due to the Wuhan Virus the factory had good claim to substantial delay due to waiting for Chinese steel to arrive.

    Then the steel arrived.

    More excuses, more delays. Then a claim that the cerracoating (spelling?) by a subcontractor had ruine the steel.

    My calls over many months have been 100% ducked and it would appear that I have been 100% fuct.

    A Green Beret friend here in NC is working on connecting me with Spartan Knives of Southern Pines. My friend is well regarded and so I have hope of reviving this project.

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