DBMA Virtual Class – June 28, 2020 – The Salty Game & Some Tangents

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4 thoughts on “DBMA Virtual Class – June 28, 2020 – The Salty Game & Some Tangents”

  1. At about 42:45 I misspeak when I say “That was the origin of my awareness of the Attacking Block concept.”

    I should say “awareness of the Occupying Strike concept.”

  2. Salty is just a fit for me.I watch everything I can on it. Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,but a martial arts and crafts technique made clear…..I have never seen the flying bong sau before tonight….that was freaking awsome. Man, you just never know the gold nuggets that will appear when studying. That was a martial arts secret and a genuine martial arts technique rolled into one.

  3. The starting point of the flying bong sau came from watching Sifu Larry Hartsell teach in the space across from the space where I was teaching my class at the Inosanto Academy when I saw him throw a bong sau like a cross.

    This seemed to me an empty hand expression of DBMA’s concept of “Weapon Range” (for empty hand we tend to blur Weapon Range and Largo Range into one) and from there it was a short hop to applying the Triangle from the Third Dimension.

    This is also similar to the Flying Roof– which was the name I put to what Top did and does. For the rest of us who had simply done roof blocks in sombrada in response to #1s, this was a revelation.

    • I forgot to mention the other trigger of insight for the Flying Bong Sao.

      It came when Burt Richardson, under the influence of the Straight Blast Gym wrote an article against trapping and generally came out against trapping. In that at the time Burt was Guro’s golden boy people were rather shocked and asked Guro about it.

      So, in class he was talking about the contexts in which Wing Chun and then Jun Fan Gung Fu were developed and how things were different now. He had his assistant (Joel IIRC) demonstrate a strong Muay Thai structure and indicated the difficulties of pak sao-ing such a structure.

      “How are you going to trap that?” he asked.

      Everyone snickered in agreement with what they thought Guro’s point was– that trapping did not work against Muay Thai.

      Everyone except me.

      Long experience has taught me that Guro speaks very precisely and here he was ASKING a QUESTION– “How are you going to trap that?”– so I set myself to answering his question.

      This is why I was ready to recognize the implications of Sifu Larry’s bong sao when I saw it.

      If the MT guard could not be pak sao’d because it resisted too strongly, then impacting on the inside of the structure with the Flying Bong Sao could take advantage of that impulse and purposely provoke that resistance and by so doing open the way on the high line with the follow up Lop Sao.

      The same principle is at work in our double stick Subversive Game- it is not a coincidence that Subversive Game is applied against the hard blocks of KK like structures.

      We also see this concept in trapping combo variations I use in the Running Dog Game.

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