Kali Tudo 4 – The Flying Bong Sao

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5 thoughts on “Kali Tudo 4 – The Flying Bong Sao”

  1. The MT structure is often ideal for the flying bong sao.

    Indeed the foundation for the idea was laid back when there was a chapter where people were asking “Where’s the trapping?”

    Guro I. was addressing this one night and showed the MT structure, built to resist elbows and shin kicks, etc. “How is a pak sao going to move that?” he asked us.

    Most everyone took this to mean it couldn’t be done.

    I took it as a question.

    If the MT fighter would resist a pak sao trying to drive him down, it seemed logical that he might resist something on the other side of his arm and by so doing open the way so when I saw Larry Hartsell using the bong sao in a certain way, the idea came together for me.

    The backfist is not nitrous per se, but my experience is that often the opponent leans the head upper body away in a hasty fashion because it arrives a bit unexpectedly. Thus the weight is on the back foot (What do we do when we have advantage?) so if we are continuing to move forward, we are in position to take advantage.

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