Kali Tudo 4 – Zirconia Cut Back

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2 thoughts on “Kali Tudo 4 – Zirconia Cut Back”

  1. I love the emphasis on angular aggression throughout the entire DBMA system. I’ve always been more of a counter-fighter because success in direct, linear aggression felt more attribute driven (e.g. based on speed or size) than naturally effective. Attacking on angles, especially in persistently seeking the corner of the Diamond is a brilliant game changer for me. It feeling like a safer route to entry in KT with jabs, in DLO with the Kali fence, and in RCSF with Kalimba game.

  2. You see clearly an integral point.

    I remember discussing Kali Tudo with Guro Inosanto the matter of why we do not see silat in MMA.

    The answer I proffered was that the footwork variations of the linear (often same hand and foot), and therefore the point of initial contact tended to lack entry into Silat angles. The solution I suggested was to use FOOTBALL footwork to create Silat angles upon contact.

    Guro I. is always super positive, but as best as I can tell he genuinely liked this a lot.

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