2015-10 – Camp – Bolo Game – 02 – Bolo Loop 2

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3 thoughts on “2015-10 – Camp – Bolo Game – 02 – Bolo Loop 2”

  1. I totally forget to hit the liver when he turns his head. And wow this helps with stick and dagger. I usually forget to use the 3 dagger because it feels unnatural.

  2. I like the philly shell i didnt realize I can be off balanced if someone tagged my shoulder.

    Also the krabi structure mixed with bolo is something I didnt even think about but I am going to play with.

  3. A point that Guro Inosanto made one night many, many nights ago is that in Espada y Daga, the blade was usually “24-27” and the blade “18-21”. Thus in false lead the tips are roughly equi-distant to the adversary. This is not the same thing as a 30″ stick with a trainer knife replicated a small typical American EDC blade i.e. with huge differentials in length.

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