2017-09 – Open Gathering – 16 – Empty Hand vs. Single Knife

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4 thoughts on “2017-09 – Open Gathering – 16 – Empty Hand vs. Single Knife”

  1. Donnybrook, big Congratulations to your Ascension to Full Dog Brother. Much Respect!!!

    Thank you for this fight and for helping me prepare to protect my family should the need arise (hopefully it doesn’t).

    At the 2016 Tribal, I was “the bad guy” you put the handcuffs on for the vid lesson. This time you were the bad guy, lol. In all seriousness, I hope it was helpful for you to be in the shoes of the bad guy so you can better do your job everyday.

    Be Safe on the streets Brother!!!


  2. Steve:

    Answering your questions on the instructor forum here as well as there.

    00:23 Good spirally sets up excellent timing on the entry BUT instead of Dog Catcher you go to over hook. Substantial risk of belly slice! Also, even as/after the over hook is being established, the gloves here make it harder for him to do what might actually happen– that he pulls and slices your side/belly.

    00:25 Classic over hook position. Though we prefer to look to use the Dog Catcher to go somewhere other than here, in point of fact this position DOES come up and is not without game.

    That said, we need to be clear. WHAT IS THE MISSION HERE? WHAT IS THE MATRIX?

    a) transition into classic DBMA structures such as our 2×1, Hanging Dog, etc and the variations that result; or
    b) drive through sector one (outside his right foot, perhaps with a bizet dalem/outside sweep energy for good measure into Shutdown; or
    c) Grounded Rico

    If I am not mistaken here you go for a Standing Rico idea, but against knife we really want to avoid doing it into a take down. There is the risk of him sewing machining you with his right or perhaps, depending on the size of the knife’s handle and/or his knowledge of how to pass (e.g. the Sayoc pass), passing to his left hand.

    00:32 Though you definitely have superior empty hand position, with a real knife and no gloves limiting movement, a serious risk here of getting your hands/wrists sliced up, causing you to lose control.

    00:45 By empty hand criteria Donnybrook turns the “wrong” way and “gives back”. But in a knife context he has recovered control of his knife and you do not know which hand it is in! High risk of getting sliced or stabbed if you play back control games here! DBMA doctrine says GTFU/Get Up! 😉

    00:49 Cannot tell status of knife in his right hand– would you be getting sliced here?

    Can’t argue with the excellent capture and kill at the end though!

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