DBMA 2017 Camp – Lonely Dog – 011 – Reading The Attack

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5 thoughts on “DBMA 2017 Camp – Lonely Dog – 011 – Reading The Attack”

  1. starting at 1.50 ,very,very poignant information. always,always gold nuggets hidden in DBMA conversations. Lonely is spot on.
    man, I am getting so much info from being a member and being able to view these great seminars and lessons.

  2. one other thing . I regards to the back peddling,we were taught in PTK about the “universal evasion line”. Has anyone explored that as an answer to this question posed about the takedown discussed here? I am going to explore it.

  3. Thank you for bringing this one to attention Rodney– some real gems here.
    a) Please flesh out the “universal evasion line”

    b) Note well Guro Lonely’s discussion beginning at 11:30-12:00. When he describes denying the angle leaving him vulnerable to straight line attack, HE IS DESCRIBING THE FIRST TWO PRONGS OF THE TRIDENT.

  4. 13:20– regarding his comments on the difference between the Euros and America, IMHO much of this has to do with soccer being a/the dominant sport in the Euro culture.

  5. I was taught the “universal evasion line” by a student of Tim Waid many years ago. He showed it as a straight line retreat with a sudden 45 degree retreating angle. so basically,2 or 3 sliding steps backwards then a 45 degree sliding step or 2 all the while facing your opponent.

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