Fighting Around A Tree

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4 thoughts on “Fighting Around A Tree”

  1. Outstanding work as always from Guro Lonely.

    For those who did not make the connection, note that the footwork at 11:30 is an example of the left and right Diamond.

    LOVE the footwork at 17:00! Really good insight!

  2. The sagasa (“charge” in Tagalog) move at 22:45 comes to us from PG Edgar Sulite’s Lameco Eskrima.

    23:45 Costas’s idea and the variations by others show really good insight in expanding the application of the principal.

    28:55 LOVE the DLO application!

    31:12 Chair, Table: Really looking forward to having Benji and Sean interact on this!!!

  3. 24:50 reminds me of arch angels
    Run away
    Throw things
    Use things
    Martial arts

    Love this material.

    2nd dip turn the corner. On your mark get set go is a great moment that makes it easy to remember and teach

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