Lameco 1 – 4

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2 thoughts on “Lameco 1 – 4”

  1. Woof! 🙂 to make sure I’m interpreting this right (beginning part)

    Lameco 1 = FH V jab w/ with foot going back to dodge the left shot.
    Lameco 2 = BH V Jab w/ arms opening / Lead foot going back
    Lameco 3 = FH Horizontal jab with arms closing / LFGB
    Lameco 4 = BH Horizontal jab with arms opening / LFGB
    Lameco 5 = FH Horizontal jab with arms opening / LFGB / Frondo / FH V jab?

    Thanks for your time Punong Guro

  2. The name for what you call “Lead Foot Goes Back” is “the Lutang”.

    The term comes to us from GM Tatang Ilustrisimo’s “Kalis Ilustrisimo” system via PG Edgar Sulite’s Lameco Eskrima.

    Though most of the time we use the “evade spring back” of Lutang 1, there is the recent development of Lutang 2 and Lutang 3, which are shown in some of the recently released VLs.

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