2015-10 – Camp – Kali Tudo – Section 2 – 04 – Zirconia Triplets

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2 thoughts on “2015-10 – Camp – Kali Tudo – Section 2 – 04 – Zirconia Triplets”

  1. To be precise in our terminology, my understanding is that a Philly Shell (boxing) the near forearm covers the belly (elbow 90 degrees approx) and has the rear hand on the opposite site of the jaw, and moves to protect the same side of the jaw as needed. Typically this is done in matched lead or mirror lead.

    In the application we see here, there are a few small but significant changes, leading to a name change as well “the Kali Shell”.

    1) this is for mirror lead, not matched lead;
    2) the near arm’s hand is lower(elbow 45 degrees approx), assisting in pickup low line shoots, and the elbow points more at any incoming strikes (destruction concept);
    3) Guro Guard Dog persuaded me that in MT/kickboxing/MMA due to concern over getting KTFO from his rear leg power kick, we keep the rear hand on its own side of the head;
    4) footwork is Trigg 102 or 103 in order to pull him after us i.e. to make it easier to effectively reach him when explode forward.

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