Russ “C-Bad Dog” Iger


In 1999, Russ “C-Bad Dog” Iger began training Dog Brother Martial Arts in NYC.  He had previously studied Inosanto Blend Kali in Connecticut, and Judo and Aikido in Japan.  In 2001, C-Bad Dog began to train directly with Crafty Dog, and was a member of Crafty’s DBMA Class at Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles.  Other regular members of the class were Nick “Pappy Dog” Papadakis, Lester “Surf Dog” Griffin, Ian “Hair of the Dog” Wilde, and future Dog Brothers Brian “Porn Star Dog” Jungwiwattanattaporn, and Mike “War Dog” Barredo.  In November 2002, C-Bad Dog became a member of the Dog Brothers Pack and an Apprentice Teacher in Dog Brothers Martial Arts.  C- Bad Dog opened Manhattan DBMA in March 2003 which held its classes in Central Park’s Sheeps Meadow.  In 2006, he moved to Kunming, China and continued teaching DBMA there, also hosting a DBMA Seminar in Beijing that year.  In 2012, after living in Tibet for several years, he returned to Connecticut.  Since then, he has continued to teach DBMA, and uses the knowledge he has gained from his training to keep himself safe on the job everyday.

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