Thorsten “Lena Dog” Picker


My first experience in the martial arts was in the mid-1970’s practicing judo, and karate. In 1978, I switched to Wing Tsun, in which I trained extensively until 2004. It was at around that time that, in parallel, I began studying Latosa Escrima.

Since then, I have shifted my focus to stick fighting. After two years of intensive Pekiti Tirsia training, I heard about Dog Brothers Martial Arts, with which I have been involved ever since. I am fascinated by the material, and especially by the real stick fighting – which for me, culminates for me in the annual Gathering of the Pack.

In addition to this, I started boxing training, Lutia Livre and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to expand my skills in unarmed combat.

In order to broaden my horizons in stick fighting, I have also experienced Modern Arnis, Balintawak, Doce Pares, Vilabrille-Kali, Arnis, Escrima and Giro Dacacos-Eskrima that I incorporate into my freestyle Escrima.

At present (2014) I continue to fight at gatherings, and am one of the two oldest regular fighters. I am a group leader in Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and a DBMA group leader as well. My DBMA group has some fifteen students, several of them being members of the Dog Brothers tribe.

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