Backhand Horizontal Slash

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2 thoughts on “Backhand Horizontal Slash”

  1. Crafty,

    You once mentioned that Top Dog throws his Dodger (backhand horizontal) with his palm facing his opponent. When I try to emulate r
    this position, I focus on keeping my elbow pinned to my body as I use my body to help whip the shot.

    Please embellish in an eloquent manner.

    🧐 🎩

  2. As I look at the footage here I see that TD begins with the elbow up and finishes with the elbow down (palm out). (I have seen him also begin with the elbow down and palm out)

    Another way of thinking about the mechanics of strike, particularly backhands, is what PG Edgar called “ta-ohb y ti-hi-ya” meaning “palm down and palm up” i.e. at what point in the swing does the hand rotate from palm down to palm up?

    This thought can be very helpful for someone whose backhand finishes wide, unready for the next strike and vulnerable to the opponent. Simply say “Turn the palm up sooner in the strike” and voila! problem solved!

    Note that doing this also has the strike finish elbow down.

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