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  1. See what I wrote here:


    Note too my words here about in application to facilitate getting across the gap we will often want to retreat so as to pull him to us and then suddenly go nitrous going forward.

    Important to remember this point about “going nitrous”.

    Though we may learn and season our KT skills in the context of sparring, it very much is to be remembered that that application in the Cage and in DLO is a matter of going ntirous.

    To train this realistically in training requires good rapport with training partners who can “leave their ego at the door”– ideally while playing a character we call “Joe Generic”. At the base level JG does not get to learn and solve what you tried or did earlier, he stays in JG.

    When you can do this in play, then the test becomes where you do it to someone who is just being himself.

    This too presents problems. Sparring elbows safely is tricky, especially our elbows which come in unexpectedly, often due to different rhythm. Headgear an elbow/forearm pads can be a good idea.

  2. Yes.

    Initiating it from the open/abierta position with a cut back was an idea that occurred to me, not how I traditionally learned it. The big guy you see here is Chris Gizzi of the Green Bay Packers and being around him really heightened my awareness of football footwork.

    I mentioned the idea to Guro I. that my idea was to integrate football footwork into my striking game. He liked this.

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