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4 thoughts on “Footwork”

  1. I like the explosive nature of these movements.
    Tried it during one of our sparring session and it can be quite disruptive and unsettling on your opponent.

    • Agreed! Have not used Krabi Kabong in sparring yet, but being able to go from 3 foot engagement range to 9+ is startling. ESPECIALLY for the no foot work people. I’m a huge fattie and even I learned to throw my weight into a good 9 foot+ coverage. It’s just….. real world sh*t Lol to cover distance to kill the enemy.

  2. Note something else: We can

    a) step with the same side foot e.g. the boxing jab. Done in repetition this becomes KK/skipping.

    b) step with the opposite foot (DBMA’s Zirconia). Done in repetition this becomes walking/running.

    Transitioning fluidly between the two is a highly valuable fighting skill.

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