The Basic Six Jabs

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6 thoughts on “The Basic Six Jabs”

  1. To be kept in mind that this is but a training exercise to establish the ability to jabhigh/middle/low from a particular chamber followed by a hand check– which as a matter of movement training brings out the rotation of the shoulders around the spine.

    For fight application, see Eric’s words here at 05:20.

    For knee attacks, see the Combining Stick & Footwork DVDs/VLs in which the knee attacks of Eric, Arlan, and me are all shown.

  2. Good question.

    If I understand correctly you are thinking of the vertical jabs in Lameco 1 and 2 wherein the point is to keep the tip above the hand. This keeps the tip pointed towards the opponent/adversary, making for efficiency in thrusting- which is particularly relevant with sword, and makes for efficient recovery in the vertical plane– which is aided by equal counterweight movement by the live hand.

    I would note too that the PTK jab that Eric is showing here and the Lameco jabs come from different chambers so it does not surprise that the mechanics of each are distinct.

    Does this help?

    • It makes sense for a sword/blade to have a casting motion/broken wrist with a slash; I can see where that comes from in the root arts. Just wondering what is preferred with a stick?

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