False Lead Jabs On Snaggle Tooth

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5 thoughts on “False Lead Jabs On Snaggle Tooth”

  1. I think I’ve got it. I fight with a right lead, so stepping left into a fake lead, zoning out, then in my case drawing back to might right lead with a front (right) backhand strike

  2. In DMBA theory we seek complete bilateralism so that we can fight out of any of the basic leads:

    Right Lead
    Left Lead
    Right False Lead
    Left False Lead
    Right Off Lead
    Left Off Lead

    This means what we can always choose the match up we want regardless of the lead of the opponent.

    If I understand you correctly, fighting only Right Lead, means your left foot would step forward left diagonal (in search of the corner of the Left Diamond) while keeping your right shoulder forward– a Right False Lead.

    Here I am move through a Left False lead against his left lead, dominant hand in the read– a structure well studied in Dos Triques. With the understandings gleaned therefrom I am well prepared to execute the Left/Inside Tooth footwork you see here.

    Note that my first attack from this position is a left backhand to his right hand, and my second attack is my right stick on the reverse angle (an Inosanto 16, also known in DBMA as a “Malayu”.

  3. By “match up of leads”, I mean either

    a) Matched Lead: Same foot forward e.g. opponent and you both have the Left foot forward, or

    b) Mirror Lead: One of you has the left foot forward and the other has the right foot forward.

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