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  1. Good questions. Since the release of this material circa 1993, things in DBMA have evolved. A) For example, we now…

  2. I appreciate showing the different uses of the roof. Both setting up a strike as well as closing. So far…

  3. PS: An online private lesson would enable me to work directly with you in finding your expression.

  4. I love what you are engaged with here!!! Perhaps some of the following will help: KT-1 was about integrating the…

  5. Thematically , I can appreciate how the mirror image lead sets us up for what is generally the advantage: move…

  6. I agree Guro, great movement training and Staff is also great for instilling natural movement patterns for empty hands.

  7. In a similar vein see the kicking shown in the Los Triques Vid-Lessons.

  8. The kicks are quite effective! A large area that is not padded or protected by gear.

  9. All three of these knee attacks are what Kali/FMA call “drift shots” and are examples of the Boydian principle “Change…